Monday, March 05, 2007

How to Win My Love and Undying Gratitude

Been seeing this themed list making its way around bloggerville lately...

1.) Have dinner ready when I come home. Those husbands who come home to a hot, homemade meal have it so good!

2.) When you take a shower, leave me some hot water for my bath. It's my sanity. Leaving me without hot water is messing with my sanity.

3.) Watch a movie with me.

4.) Brush my hair.

5.) Clean the kitchen.

6.) Call me.

7.) Recall a shared memory.

8.) Offer to drive.

9.) Write me a letter.

10.) Surprise me. (In a good way.)

11.) Put a baby in my arms.

12.) Compliment my kids.

13.) Make me something.

14.) Listen.

15.) Talk.

16.) Laugh. And make me laugh.

17.) Scratch my back. Don't rub it; scratch it. Then scratch my forearms. (Yes, I am in fact WEIRD.)

18.) Sing me a silly song you wrote.

19.) Ask me to lunch.

20.) Make me a cup of coffee and sit with me while we sip.

21.) Let me sleep.

22.) Read my blog -- and comment! :-)

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vailian said...

You are redoing the bathroom anyhow--why not install one of those flow-through water heaters (about the only kind we have here) rather than the tank kind. It is ecologically sound (you only heat the water you actually use) and eliminates Prob. 2.
Can't call you because you won't give me your number and you are not on Skype.
Remember our first post?
I offer to drive you anywhere in Cologne. (But you have to provide the car-- I have only owned a bicycle the last 7 years because you can get by very well here without one and save a LOT of money not running one, gas costs about $10 per gallon and we won't talk about running costs, parking, road tax, and the like-- OR I will give you a ride on my bike, I have carried not a few damsels on it, it is Dutch and very stable, weighs as much as a small fridge but I love it)
Does this count as a letter? Otherwise need your snail.
11.)Just talk one of your darling offspring into procreating!
12.)Your kids are SO photogenic!
13.)I am writing you a song
14.) This IS listening
15.) This IS talking
16.) Teehee
17.) think I have to pass onthis one.
18.) La la-la di-da, doo-di-di dum di-dum, dum-di-dii, dum-di-dii, dum-di-diddle-di diddle di DUMMMM!!(Copyright 2007, all rights reserved)
19.) I know this great Turkish place...
20.) you have to come and get it
21.)OK OK
22.) Duh

Dixie said...

I'll bet your dear husband does a lot of those things for you.

I really like number 19. I absolutely love going out to lunch.

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