Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Glimpse into the Future

Elisabeth currently sells medical devices and spends a good amount of her time in the surgery suite with surgeons, assisting them in using the devices she sells. This has inspired her enough to think about going back to school to be a surgeon's assistant (not the surgeon; being a doctor is "out"!).

Peter is interested in becoming a firefighter and EMT and already has quite a few years of coursework and volunteerism in that field already under his belt.

Kat wants to be a trauma nurse, and looks in that direction when picking a college (the flood of promotional mail from colleges these days is astounding -- and it's all in duplicate!). She currently volunteers at the local hospital and her senior year curriculum will focus heavily in nursing.

Aleks either wants to go into international relations or law (yeah, I know... kinda says "congressman..." ha ha!). It's scary what a good attorney he'd be.

So Tom lays out this scenario:

A patient is brought to the hospital by Peter the EMT... who hands said patient over to Kat, the trauma nurse. Kat works with Elisabeth to "mend" the patient, as as they leave the surgery suite they're greeted by Aleks, who hands them legal papers, suing them for... whatever (he'll find something!).

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Anonymous said...

Love the scenario! Maybe Aleks will be working WITH the patient also, to sue the drunk who ran her over and started the whole thing. :)


Anonymous said...
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