Tuesday, March 27, 2007

After Spending All His Spare Time in the Bathroom...

...Tom finally finished the remodel! (Or about 95% of it, anyway; the clear glass shower door is on order.)

Nice, eh? And the best part is that Tom surprised me with glow-in-the-dark grout in the shower! It's bright enough to light the shower with a grid of blue-glow in an otherwise dark room!

Tom would make a great contractor if time and perfection were no issue. He takes forever, but his work is absolute perfection! The only problem is, the shower drain seems to be leaking. Grrrr! We knew this because late one night we heard Kat call from her bedroom directly downstairs from the shower, "Daaaaaad, there's waaaaaater coming through my ceiling!"

Tom assures me that he'll fix the leak and that we won't have a repeat of the Flood of 2005 -- when said shower caused the entire downstairs to drown in water ankle deep! That was pre-blogging, but had I been writing then you would have been treated to about a years worth of photos of wall board replacement, tile installation, etc.

Next projects on the "honey-do" list:
*Landscape the front and back yards (we hardscaped last summer; this summer we'll softscape)
*Clean the moss forest off the roof
*Tile the entry way
*Rebuild the deck
*Remodel other upstairs bathroom
*GET kitchen remodeled (for this, we'll hire a contractor... I will NOT be without a kitchen for a year!)
*Re-carpet all bedrooms

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