Sunday, March 18, 2007

Guardian Angel, Let's Talk...

Peter did it. He bought another motorcycle. Is that a "lookie-my-baby!" look on his face, or WHAT?!

When he sold his big red shiny "crotch rocket" a few weeks ago (that's him, in his leather jacket, on his old -- too big -- bike), I was thrilled. It's not that I don't want him to have fun; I do! It's that it seems to me that riding one of these made-for-speed, fast-and-sleek machines is just asking for it. Eventually a 20-year-old testosterone-laden guy won't be able to help himself and he'll push the limits of sanity and common sense all the way to the hospital -- where people who drive these things are called "organ donors."

These machines scare mothers to death -- probably because 20-year-old sons have no sense of the same concept. But what can I do other than insist that he take the state-sponsored riding class (he did), that he have all the best safety gear (he does), that he not ride in rain (he doesn't), and that he promise not to be stupid (he did). Still, every time he comes back from a ride, I thank his guardian angel for greasin' up her wings and keeping up.

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Renate said...

Oh man, does that bring back memories! My son bought one of those over my objections when he was in college. After he graduated he insisted to ship it over to Germany so he could use it there during his four months stay with my brother. He managed to get into an accident there, but luckily was not seriously hurt. I was so glad when he finally sold it a couple of years later! Those things still scare the living daylight out of me when they whiz by me on the freeway.

Renate said...

Yeah, it worked. I finally got my comments to appear. I wonder what I did differently this time?????

Dixie said...

I always wanted to ride a motorcycle but my mother threatened to slash the tires if I ever bought one. I once told my mother that when I was 21 I rode a motorcycle without a helmet and she went into orbit, which is understandable except I was 40 when I told her.

I hope Peter has many safe driving miles with his new bike.

Peter H said...

It is usually not a passing phase......once a bikie always a bikie.....sorry bout that.

Eldest daughter rode on the back for a long time on a super 650cc race bike, and I felt ok, and no4 son now rides a 250cc road bike in a big city.

But both were real wizzes on a bicycle too. Sure it is an issue...and I worry more about them being hit by someone else rather than them having an accident on their own stupidity. Always wear the right gear, a good crash helmet and refine your technique.

I find it a bit hard to say no...or get all pumped up when I ocassionally ride a motorbike too. agree with the GA needing well oiled wings!!!!

scribbit said...

Chuckle, my husband calls them "crotch rockets" too.

vailian said...

This is part of the coming-of-age as a parent! You want the best for your kids and want them to learn from your profound experience (hah!) and there comes this moment when you ever-so-gently cross into the dreaded realm of hypocrisy.
The motorcycle is a good case in point... my boys knew I had driven motorcycles all during my London days, I enjoyed telling hair-raising stories of zipping through the West End and over the Thames to get to concerts on time, at one point running down the aisle of a packed church in full regalia, violin case still strapped on my back, late for my own solo recital.
So it came as a complete shock to the boys when I refused to let them get motorcycle licences. OK, so they wanted to get motorcycles before they even had learned to drive a car, which I thought completely nuts given that there is no speed limit on the autobahn.
I finally gave up trying to sort out the ethics when I realized that I was just forbidding them to do all the things I had done at their age.

Betsy said...

Oh Carol! *shudder* This is my own worst nightmare. And I know it's coming up on my radar since both S and B are obsessed with speed and motorcycles.

I'm glad you insisted on all the safety checks, training, etc. And of course the odds are probably 1,000,000 to one that the only life he's going to shorten will be yours. (just from worrying. haha..)

Keep us posted, because maybe I can learn from your experience so that I'll know what to do when my own time comes....

Andrea said...

Good to know he took a class. My dh used to teach classes for the motorcycle safety foundation :)
And I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (Spokane). I loved your pictures, reminds me of home.

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