Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Dad has a Blog!

And it's an important one. To my German blogging friends (and anyone/everyone else too), please take a look at my dad's blog and comment if you feel so inclined. He's looking for feedback regarding whether there's any interest in the book he plans to write.

As a "mischling" child of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother during World War II, my dad has a unique perspective about how the war affected previously upper class German Jews during that time -- and especially about the stresses his mother endured in her role as a non-Jewish German who had to deal with the likelihood that her protective role for husband and children may be further limited or even taken away -- particularly since she was suffering from a mysterious and possibly fatal disease.

My aunt already translated the hundreds of pages of letters written by her and my father's mother from 1912 to 1944. My dad would further that effort and write an historical novel about their family's unique experiences.

I, for one, definitely encourage Dad to write the book! What do YOU think?

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Anonymous said...

I think it there is a real need for a book of that nature. My cousin, who was a "mischling" (Jewish mother, non-Jewish father) was debating writing just such a book herself, but never did get around to it. She did, however, have her account of that terrible time published in a German newspaper some time ago. By all means, encourage your father to go ahead with this book.

vailian said...

Sounds like a terrific idea!

Dixie said...

I think he absolutely must write it. Stories such as his must be told before they're lost forever.

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