Monday, March 12, 2007

Fantabulous Family!

Spent the day with extended family yesterday. SUCH fun!! In attendance were all three of my brothers (Chris:black t-shirt; Michael: beard, Stephan: glasses), all their kids (my dad's grandchildren range from Nikki, 26 -- in braids -- to TJ, barely 2, held by his mom, LuJia) and Kristin (in pic below with my brothers), along with her husband, John -- the photographer.

Don't have much time to write today because I am gonna head into the mostly-wireless town of Santa Cruz and find myself an oceanfront sidewalk cafe so I can sit in this glorious sunshine (it's eighty-frikkin-five degrees here at 6 PM!) and do some work to prepare for this "brown-bag lunch" tomorrow. My presentation is entitled Of Mice and Magic: Designing Effective and Inspirational Learning Software. Wish me luck; I'm nervous! I'm just gonna take the same approach that I take to everything -- talk about what I know, and about my experiences and hope that they're valuable to someone... rather than pretending to be some know-it-all expert.

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