Monday, January 01, 2007

Getting Serious at Starbucks

My new boss sent me a few hundred pages of background reading material yesterday, which I must read, absorb and understand by the time we meet tomorrow at 11 AM, so I'm headed for one of the seven Starbucks in (our relatively small) town, since there's still a free-n-easy vacation spirit at home and I really need to switch gears now!

Now I'm getting scared! All of a sudden I'm wondering if I can do this. Can I manage and mentor a good-sized staff? Can I meet the very aggressive deadline I know is coming? (And will BillG throw one of his infamous temper tantrums just for me if I don't?!) Did I over-promise and over-represent myself in my interviews? I guess all these doubts and trepidations are normal... and I'm glad they didn't really haunt me till yesterday.

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vailian said...

You will be great.

blackcrag said...

One thing that tolls the death knell in any of my jobs is boredom, not being challenged. So, if you over-promised and over-represented a little, it gives you something to live up to, gives you somethign to stretch toward, to actually be as good as you said. And you will do it.

Also remember, this is being built from the ground up. Which means there is a big learning curve for everybody. Others are looking at their jobs with a little trepidation too.

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