Monday, January 29, 2007


What a great day! Today everything came together and it felt really smooth. I made an offer to my two top choices for two important positions and both accepted! Now I'm into territory I know and love -- team-building, collaboration, and mutual goal-setting. Sounds like corporate gobbledygook, but I mean it in a way that's far from the trite jargon. I am so excited to work with both the women I hired today! They'll both start next Monday, bringing our office up to a whopping FIVE people! We're still deep into interviewing, though, with four key positions yet to fill soon and a few still after that.

I was the only one in my office who DIDN'T celebrate a birthday today! Yup, both my co-workers share a birthday today, though they're three years apart. Eva and I drove into Seattle yesterday and decorated the office, so both were greeted by plenty of birthday hoopla. And as it turns out (because my boss' friend had to cancel a b-day dinner celebration and E and I had decided to get together after her weekend in LA), my boss, my daughter and I went to Buca di Beppo's for dinner tonight and had an absolutely wonderful time! Those two are WAAAAY alike -- which is quite entertaining for me! My boss already feels like a great friend and I really enjoy his company, his mentoring and his support. Plus, he's hilarious and keeps me laughing!

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vailian said...

Send pix of the redecorated office! Sounds like you are having a great time.

blackcrag said...

See? And you were worried over how you weren't contributing a few weeks ago.

So now for my four favourite words (at least when I get to say them): I told you so!

By the way, it is very hard to catch up on all your posts after a time away, do you know that?

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