Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deja Snow!

The snow is falling fast and furious right now.

Tom didn't even attempt to drive home from work tonight. Instead, he left his truck in the parking lot and just started walking home -- about a 7 mile trek! And that's where he is as I write this. I expect him home in maybe an hour or two -- and he'll probably be freezing cold because, as far as I remember, he was wearing only a fleece vest over his work shirt!

The Pacific Northwest has just been battered this winter like never before! Between the ice storm in late November, the wind storm in December, and now this in January, one can hardly argue that global warming is having an impact! Usually Seattlites are thrilled by that one fun nowstorm per year -- school is cancelled, kids go sledding, and everyone's happy. But this winter things are very different. It seems that we're just constantly being pummeled by the weather!

So I'm off to pack for California, where the weather is unfortunately not sunny and glorious... but not snowy and freezing cold, either. Let's just hope I actually arrive tomorrow and don't encounter another airline/airport fiasco!

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vailian said...

It is strange-- here it has been the warmest winter on record (records going back about 200 years), the plants think it is spring and are trying to bloom feebly, and the birds are singing for mates. There is no snow at most Alpine resorts, and even using the snow cannons doesn't help because it is too warm (besides, since all the resorts are now using them, there is a water shortage). When the boys were younger, we would often go ice skating in the park a block from here-- no chance of that this year!
One has the feeling that for kids growing up here, "snow" has become one of those quaint myths like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

christina said...

Yep, we're all just sweating here in Europe, weirdly enough and they're expecting a insect plague during the summer if it keeps up.

I had a e mail from my mum on the weekend and she said they'd probably have snow again on Tuesday and that the high winds were still going on. VERY strange weather.

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