Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cool New Toy!

Greeting me when I walked into my new office this morning was a very sleek and "cute"little " Mac Book Pro! I tried not to squeal when I saw it, and sighed a pseudo-professional, "wow, very cool!" instead. But inside I was definitely squealing. This thing is not only sleek and cute, it's a real powerhouse -- yet light and small enough to travel with easily... which is apparently why this machine was chosen for me.

Unfortunately, I had no time to get acquainted with my new toy today because the day was jam-packed with a conference call, then back-to-back meetings at the Foundation. Tomorrow and Friday should be just as crazy, with more meetings and preparation for non-stop interviewing next week. Maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to explore this little guy. (I've never felt like referring to my Dell Inspiron as a "little guy"!)
Transferring my files to my Mac Book should be a breeze because I recently bought myself another little toy, a Western Digital Passport 160 gig hard drive. Even with my gazillions of photos, ten years of career documents, and quite a bit of music, I've barely made a dent in the storage capacity. 160 gig is way too much for anyone to ever use up! (Ha ha... famous last words?!)

Is it possible that I actually have some geekiness in me after all?!

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vailian said...

Ooh, I am jealous...Keep us informed on how easy or hard it is to adapt from Windows. Or are you going to use Parallel Worlds and run both OSs?

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful computer. I have a model (ibook G4) that is not quite as nice. I love Macs.

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