Thursday, January 04, 2007

If I See One More Resume Today...

...I'll scream!!

I have to hire at least eight positions in the next few weeks and, although some resumes are truly impressive, I have yet to understand why a self-proclaimed "mountain man" would include his wife's name and her age, as well as his kids' accomplishments, in his resume, which he submitted in pursuit of an IT position! Or why a bank loan officer, who has NO content experience whatsoever would apply for a Project Liaison/Content Development position!

On the other end of the spectrum, why would someone with a Masters degree in Information Technology, a high school teaching credential, and a Microsoft Development Certification apply for what's basically a secretarial position?

I've learned more about what constitutes a good resume in the past day than I ever learned on the OTHER side of the process, as a job-seeking applicant! (I've done this hiring gig before, so why do I always forget what it's like to pore over stacks and stacks of resumes?!)

Tomorrow morning we'll have our first big meeting at the Gates Foundation to meet all their key education players. Truly, I'm so excited about it! When I accepted the job, my boss warned me that we'd "hit the ground running." He wasn't kidding! I've worked pretty much non-stop since the minute I walked into that coffee house on Tuesday! But I absolutely love the job, the responsibility, the mission, the product and the people.

What more could I ask?

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2 comments: said...

I was going to comment on the use of the cartoon.......But I do love it! A quick gig to allow a smile.....always a plus for the day.

vailian said...

In Germany, the rules for resumes are a bit different... They have to be written out by hand (to judge penmanship??), include a recent photo, date and place of birth, and personal information such as marital status, and names and professions of your parents. You also have to list all the schools you went to (including kindergarten).
Quite quaint these days, especially for orchestral positions, where the only thing that really matters is how you play.

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