Sunday, January 28, 2007

And Now I Can't Slow Down!

Since I started my new job on January 2nd, I've been in a constant state of hyper-focus. I've been on the go both physically and mentally since the first hour of the first day on the job. When I jump into something big like this I tend to throw my entire being into it. A few years ago, when I was producing FUEL and CHILL, it was the same thing. I lived and breathed that job and that production -- and I loved it. Same thing now. I absolutely LOVE this job, but it takes 110% of my focus, my energy and my brain and I'm in a constant state of BOTH exhileration and exhaustion. And actually, I'm fine with that because it's when I focus like this that I do my best work. I completely believe in the mission of this work -- high school reform in America -- and I'm so excited about the team we're building and the work we're doing, that I absolutely can't shut off my brain, even at night! I've been working long into the evenings, then dreaming abut work, and popping out of bed the next morning to drive into the office (a 45 - 60 minute commute) before the sun rises... and stay till long after it sets.

Fortunately, the timing is good as far as the family is concerned. Elisabeth is concentrating on her career too, though she lives only 3 miles from my office, so we have plenty of opportunity to get together. Peter and Danelle are really busy with school and only come around (usually for dinner) once or twice a week. And Aleks and Kat each found someone special in the past faw months and are both completely twitterpated, so they've hardly noticed my increased absense. And Tom... well, we've actually had what seems like more time together -- possibly because we've often been meeting for dinner after work. Maybe all this will make the transition to empty-nest a bit easier...

I have felt guilty that I haven't had a chance to see Eva, the German foreign exchange student for who I'm a liaison, since Christmas. So tomorrow I'll take her out for breakfast and we'll have a chance to catch up on events. She's a hoot! And tomorrow afternoon I need to make reservations for Aleks' trip to both Germany this summer and to Washington DC to visit colleges this srping. And Kat wants to go on a California college hunting trip. I'll find a way to make it all happen. Not sure how, but I will.

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