Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Snowy Seattle to Sunny Santa Cruz

Today was one of those long travel days -- and it's about to get longer, since I still have an 8 PM business meeting. But this time nothing went hugely wrong. The shuttle got me to the airport on time (though we had a few scary slippy-slidy moments on the ice rink they call roads), the flight left on time, a rental car was waiting for us, and the road to Santa Cruz was surpisingly open.

Here's a picture chronology of the day (does posting this sort of blog entry count as a call home?):

Snow at our house -- again!

Mt. Rainier in the background; SeaTac Airport in the foreground.

The Golden Gate Bridge, with Tiberon, Angel Island and Alcatraz in the Bay.

San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

Stanford University, my alma mater.

Beautiful Santa Cruz (the dots are surfers... waiting).

Santa Cruz Lighthouse -- er, I mean the Santa Cruz Museum of Surfing.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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blackcrag said...

Pretty pictures. glad your flight was hassle-free this time.

Anonymous said...

I know California is having a bit of a cold spell of it's own, Carol, but I envy you! First of all, I LOVE Santa Cruz in the winter. Secondly- here at home it's 20 degrees out right now. Brrrr!

Dixie said...

I started to feel warmer with every photo. Lovely pictures!

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