Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The WHO/SCOAP Surgical Checklist: A System for Safer Surgery

During my pre-op prep (yes, when my vein was nowhere to be found), the assistant surgeon took a Sharpie to me and did this:


"Why are you writing on me?" I asked Dr. Lange. He mentioned something about a checklist and a "time-out in the OR" (yes, I was envisioning a bunch of doctors and nurses pouting in the corner... but I think I was already on drugs), assuring me that it made surgery safer for me.

That made no sense to me until I saw this today:

Pretty cool, eh? I love the fact that the healthcare industry got the idea for this from the airline industry. Now that's collaboration!

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Goofball said...

I like the idea of pouting doctors more though. haha that cracks me up.

So I still don't get the AI itself?
Maybe I should check my buttocks to see if there's any writing on me as well from last week :D

Anonymous said...

That was very interesting! And it makes total sense, especially after hearing of occasions of instruments and things being left inside a patient after surgery!

So...are you not able to work at all? Or, will you be able to after a while?

Carol said...

Hi Tonya,

I willing and able to work, but can't GO to work -- and therein lies the problem.


Anonymous said...

Even telecommuting? Or Windows net-meeting? Or PHONE? I do know how important it is to SOMETIMES be at the office. But jeeze. In this cyber-age, you'd think you could be accommodated. At least...part time. Or something!

Goofball said...

guess what is in all Belgian newspapers today "hospitals are implementing surgical checklist"

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