Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've seen more of my friend Lynn in the past two days than I've seen of her in the past two years. That's a really wonderful thing, because it makes me remember how much I miss connecting with dear friends like Lynn... and it's a really sad thing, because it makes me realize that my priorities have been sorely out of whack lately.

Lynn came by yesterday to let Shasta out (since Tom was gone all day playing Seattle tour guide with Diane), and today she brought us a delicious three course dinner -- which we gobbled up before I could get a picture of the cheesy enchiladas, yummy green salad and chewy, moist brownies.

Visiting with Lynn for a few relaxed hours over the past two days -- not to mention enjoying the delicious dinner she cooked -- fed me and provided me sustenance, making me realize how "famished" I'd become over the past year.

Being a workaholic, list-maker personality by nature, it's so easy for me to slowly slip into a mindset in which my high pressure life consists primarily of drop-deadlines and client-crises. I fly by on automatic warp-speed pilot, not even noticing how fast I'm moving and how oblivious I am to the simple essences of life until I'm stopped cold by a brick wall -- or a flagstone step.

Thanks to my injury (yes, I said thanks to my injury), I am vowing to make time for the important things in life -- things like cultivating important friendships, concentrating on strengthening my health (and my bones!), and nurturing my creativity. I can continue to be a kick-ass project manager without working endless 12 to 16-hour days by doing exactly what I encourage my cohorts to do -- work smarter rather than harder.

So thanks Lynn, for providing sustenance... in so many ways! Your friendship is deeply appreciated -- and your brownies are deeply fudgily, yummily delicious!


(And thanks to Boo and Bailey for reminding me of the importance of rest and relaxation and to look for the ying to every yang and the yang to every ying.)

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AstroYoga said...

It begins - the slow rethinking of life once one is forced to be still. My car accident changed my life, and I am grateful for it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Carol- I thought what I was getting out of this was a lovely renewal of our friendship, and great pleasure at catching up with you again. Who knew I'd also be featured in your blog? :)

I've enjoyed this too, and look forward to more good times!


Anonymous said...

Careful with those enchiladas and brownies. Being immobile for months while people bring you goodies is a good way to gain 30 pounds.

Goofball said...

hmm being on sickleave at home, you seem to have the same type of thoughts like I do. Shall we remind each other of that once we join the ratrace again?

jennifer said...

Carol, you're being too hard on yourself. I've been very impressed at how much time you make for family and friends - just look at your blog entries (most of them) where you're surrounded by family and good times.

Is it out of the question to train for that Triathlon you mentioned before... is it the Danskin? You could probably get into the pool earlier than you could start running. That might be a way to focus on "adding more life and less work" to your list-driven schedule.

And, finally, I heard about the MS layoffs today (it was on NPR), and I hope it's not going to affect your position there. Good luck on that, times are scary.

Jen said...

Sometimes things truly can be blessings in disguise.

I still hope you're back on your feet soon, 'cause I know you want to be there!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Carol. We rarely notice what's missing in our lives until we're forced to stop running so fast. Maybe that's the silver lining here?


Margaret said...

We all juggle jobs and family and I've always sensed (on your blog) that you do a great job of fitting everything in.(or TRYING, which is the best any of us can do) However, it is a gift to be able to slow down and catch up with friends. It makes us appreciate them more.

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