Friday, January 02, 2009

Another annual sauerbraten, käsespätzle, und rotkraut dinner

Every year when Tom's mother and brother visit for the Christmas holidays, we gather for our annual sauerbraten, käsespätzle, and rotkraut dinner. Usually we do it between Christmas and New years, but Seattle's weather threw everything off this year, so we ended up having our traditional dinner today.

This year we decided to forego the "quick sauerbraten" that I've thrown together in previous years. Instead, we made sauerbraten the real way, the traditional way -- soaking the meat in wine, vinegar, and spices in the refrigerator for a full two days. Thanks to Craig, who orchestrated it all, dinner was delicious... and oh, so much fun!

Elisabeth brought her boyfriend, CJ, and two of her housemates, Blake and Lauren, making for a grand total of eleven of us.

Here's a little photographic tour of our evening. One of these days, I'll need to post the recipes. Remind me before next year, OK?

Cutting 15 onions calls for "onion goggles." What? You think I'm kidding? Tom swears by these things!


Maybe it was more like 17 onions?!


I'm responsible for the rotkraut. First, take two heads of red cabbage and act like a junior high schooler:


Then steal some onions, add sliced apples, red wine vinegar, wine, brown sugar, and all kinds of spices: IMG_0283_1

Add the cabbage: IMG_0291_1

Let it all cook for a long time.

Meanwhile, bug Craig. Take pictures of everything he does as he prepares the sauerbraten:


Hey, Tom's bugging Craig too. But that's the job of a little brother, right? IMG_0293_1

This sauerbraten recipe is nothing like the recipe I've made for the past few years. First, the meat soaks for those two all-important days.


And this recipe has leeks...


and carrots:


Oh, and onions. Did I mention the onions? IMG_0302

Pretty, eh?


And now for the käsespätzle. It takes at least four hands to make them.


Awwww... brothers! Aren't they cute?


While those four hands are making the spätzle, grate the käse:


Then solicit three cute young ladies... IMG_0346_1 help assemble the käsespätzle.


Wait -- where did all these people come from? We SO need a bigger kitchen!


I think we might have made a little too much food! IMG_0362_1

Yup, we definitely did! IMG_0368_1

Now set the table all pretty and holiday-like...


And, after posing for yet another picture, dig in! Until next year, auf wiedersehen, tschuss, und GUTEN APPETITE!


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Maria said...

You must post recipes! I want to make it. Better yet, invite me to dinner and remind me that it is worth the airfare...and risk of getting snowed in. ;)

Amy said...

That looks yummy! I just found your blog a couple of days ago (via All & Sundry) and enjoy reading it :)

Anonymous said...

What an undertaking! (And yes, what a LOT of food!) I think it's cool that a big aspect of the "party" is everyone chipping in to prepare/cook. (The downside of which kitchens do need to be bigger!)

Margaret said...

That looks absolutely wonderful. I want some!! Who got to clean the kitchen? That's my least favorite part of the holidays.

Goofball said...

I love your warm well maintained family traditions and the hospitality your house shows

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