Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Anti-Cat Cage

I love having the cats with me on the bed, but the thought of them jumping onto (or even brushing by) my injured leg kept me from getting any real rest after I came back from the ER. Elisabeth suggested protecting my leg with an upside-down laundry basket, so Tom crafted this personalized, blog-colored (!), protective anti-cat cage:


Doesn't Bailey look positively thwarted?

Thanks so much to all of you for support and helpful suggestions. I really appreciate all the kind words and feedback. It sounds like my hope for a two-week recovery might have been a little off, eh? Dammit!

I'm still working as much as possible. The loopiness and nausea caused by the meds makes it hard (I've woken up finding myself typing -- or trying to type -- an e-mail!), but I'm doing what I can. Fortunately, my job can be done from home... assuming an ability to concentrate. Funny (not), the effect pain has on concentration!

Unfortunately, Tom is now being called on to do all the things I normally did, plus all the stupid little things like getting me water and bringing me toast in the morning. And making me cool inventions that make my situation more interesting and exciting -- like a laundry basket cat cage!

And now I'm off to project manage my recuperation... because project management is what I do! And this will take some good PMing because I'm hoping to have the surgery done by one of the nation's top ankle and foot surgeons, Dr. Benirschke, who practices out of Harborview Medical Center in downtown Seattle. Since we originally went to a different ER on the eastside, this means some real coordination and project management opportunities! (Trying to stay optimistic...) First step (pun intended) is to orchestrate the sending of my x-rays (do NOT believe them when they tell you they need to be picked up; this is the digital age, so they can be e-mailed!), to visit the surgeon early tomorrow morning, and to set up a time to go under the (gulp) knife.

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Anonymous said...

Just another tip: Ankle reconstruction surgery can be done under regional anesthesia, so ask the anesthesiologist about having an epidural rather than general. You'll be the only one not puking in the recovery room and they can even keep the epidural in for the first 24 hours after surgery for pain control. Bones hurt like a bitch when they are operated on.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to take your pain medication with some food to cut down on the nausea. Good luck on getting the surgeon you want.

BethanyWD said...

Did you go to the ER at Overlake? I went there last spring (kidney stones - yikes) and it was really swanky.

I definitely recommend seeing that doc at Harborview. I see Dr. Chapman at UW's Bone and Joint Clinic (your doc also practices there) and they do have the best surgeons in the region. And if you can have it at the UW Surgery Center - it's really lovely and techy. All the UW docs practice at Harborview and UW Medical Center.

Good luck tomorrow!!

Amy said...

Love the anti-cat cage. I know how clingy they can be when you're in bed...typing this now with one in my lap an another one right up against my leg. Best of luck with the surgery...I'll be thinking about you.

AstroYoga said...

Having any post traumatic stress? After my accident, as I was in a drug-induced haze, I would sometimes have a flashback of the accident and twitch my hand (which hurt like a b$*#h!).

Looking back, being incapacitated for a while really changed my life. I was working toward my PhD at the time and was quite stressed out. Sitting on the couch and facing a slow recovery where I depended on others helped me gain some perspective that helps me still. It really set back my research (as typing one-handed was slow going), but it was worth it.

You comparison to childbirth pain was interesting. With an accident, you don't get all of those nice amnesia hormones to help you forget - bummer.

Melanie Kraintz said...

Hey Carol,
I was thinking bout NM and I just stopped by to see what's happening with you. Sorry to see this accident but I know you will spring back!
Hang in there,

Goofball said...

oh geez Carol, this is not the moment to be working! Not at all. take rest, just sleep, close your eyes and take pain medication....Forget about work!

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