Monday, January 12, 2009

Cat/Walker Jealousy

Excuse me, Mr Boo-dah. Gotta get by!


Boo! Puh-leeeze, get outta my way!


What? Now you're suddenly just too tired to get up? (Seriously, he refused to move!)

Wait! We have movement!


Movement and... what's this? Playfulness? Good thing I was still numb. IMG_0689

"Aint I cute?" Yes, Boo. You are adorable, you weird contortionist, you! Now please, let me get by. IMG_0690

This cat has a serious need to be the center of attention. By the time I could get to the bathroom (at least a minute and a half), my foot was throbbing!

The peripheral nerve block remained pretty strong until about 11 PM, even though the infusion was turned off at 9 AM. I was beginning to worry that it wouldn't wear off at all, so at first I was glad that it was wearing off. Then, within a few minutes... OUCH! Suffice it to say that I'm back on the mega-meds, the Oxycoton that I really didn't want to use again. But I also need to try to stay ahead of the pain and not let it get the best of me.

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Anonymous said...

Use whatever meds work, Carol. Your poor foot looks so swollen!


Anonymous said...

Sure hope that when Mr. Boo attacked your foot that he didn't have his claws out! (Like you'd need THAT!) Wow, very swollen. Man, you poor thing! How are you coping? You have family around to tend to your needs? Stay "high."


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! You poor thing! Your poor foot looks so puffy and tender. :( The recovery time - just its length sounds so daunting. But time really will pass and you will heal! I'm sorry you have to go through this! I am glad that your family is so wonderful and helpful!

Goofball said...

there's nothing wrong with taking strong pain killers if you need them. And I don't think anyone doubts you need them.

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