Saturday, January 17, 2009

Up and About!

Well, come to think of it, I'm really neither up nor about. However, today I got out of bed, put on make-up, straightened my hair and got dressed -- which is more than I've done since falling and breaking my ankle on January 4th (and having surgery on the 8th).

It felt good. I definitely needed this!

I've taken over our new mission lounge chair in the living room and made it my own -- and I'm not going back to bed as a "sickie" again! Nope, I think I'll hang here, in the half-reclined position which keeps my foot up and doesn't hurt my back like being in bed did. I have my trusty laptop, my new "knee walker" (just call me "Speed Racer"), the phone, and a view out the front window, so I'm set. If you're looking for me, I'll be right here.

For the next few months.


The occasion for my "coming out" (of the bedroom) was a visit from Tom's first love, Diane. I met Diane briefly 25 years ago, just months after Tom and I got married, at his 10th high school reunion. I liked her then and I liked her today.


Actually, I think we get along so well because we're quite similar. We're both fairly outgoing and we both seem to like meeting new people, so the conversation flowed easily. I've always believed that jealousy is a wasted emotion and it's not one I have much experience with. Oh no -- I'm a firm believer in disarming your competition... or is that befriending your enemies?! (Totally kidding, Diane! I definitely consider you a friend!!) The hardest part of the visit, in fact, was not being able to be a good hostess. Now that bothered me.


(Yes Tom, you are the MAN!)

In preparation for Diane's (and her very nice friend, Della's) visit, Tom raced around the house, tidying, vacuuming, dusting, and cooking. I must admit that there was a certain satisfaction in hearing him say to Aleks and Peter, "If you make a mess, clean it up," a certain glee to finding him on his hands and knees wiping the kitchen floor, and a certain gratification in his frustration when his newly-swept floor was suddenly in need of cleaning again as soon as someone came in the front door. He might not have said anything, but I saw it in his eyes -- he was thinking, 'Wow, I sure do appreciate my wife more now! I never knew how hard she worked!'

That makes two of us then, because I've never appreciated my husband more than during the past two weeks, when the words "in sickness and in health" have taken on a whole new meaning as I need his help to do just about anything! I'll swoon about that, though, in my next post.

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LBaum said...

Carol, you look fantastic! Sounds like Tom is taking good care of you, and I'm sure you're both appreciating each other more as a result of your accident. Not that you didn't before, but sometimes it takes an event like this to remind us. And just look at you--secure enough to host Tom's old girlfriend from your recliner! You rock! :-) Diane sounds really great and how nice that you all have remained friends.

Keep healing.


Unknown said...

I'm glad to see you're feeling better. I can't imagine being cooped up for so long. Hopefully the next weeks will fly by (you can catch up on all the sleep you missed as a mom, reconnect with soap operas and read some great novels, I'm still saying War and Peace is a good choice!)

Here's hoping for a continued good recovery. (And I am loving my new camera. I knew your recommendation about it would be spot on!)

jennifer said...

Yep, looks much more comfortable (and like you're part of life again) than being in bed. I bet your recovery is going to surprise your docs - you'll progress faster than they think. Do you have your first physical therapy appointment lined up yet? :-) What's up with "mister no smiles for the camera" Peter, is he taking a semester off from WSU? I thought "spring" (ha) classes had started out there. If he's home I hope he's waiting on his mom hand and foot!

Carrie said...

Carol, thanks for coming by my blog and saying "Hi". I am SO sorry to hear about the broken ankle. My family feels your pain...

I myself have never experienced a broken ankle. But I have played nurse to not only my son (who currently has one). Poor kid!! But to my husband as well!!

You see my husband had an accident at work about 6 years ago where his ankle (which was crushed) and leg were caught between a Bobcat (the piece of machinery kind) and a cinderblock wall.

Since then he has been home on Workman's Comp and disbilty up until about 3 months ago when he was finally released to go back to work. Thank Goodness!!

But during that time home he has had to endure 16 surgeries. One of which was a complete ankle fusion. And ALOT of pain so I have the upmost empathy for you and your situation right now.

But hang there it DOES ger better. I PROMISE!!!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Anonymous said...

So good to see you "up and around" so to speak. You look great! (And what a big sock you have!)

And...what a great hubby you have! :o)

Goofball said...

I can now totally picture you when you are reading my comment ;)

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