Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This came in the mail today. (And it doesn't even cover yesterday's ER visit or the surgeon!)  I have insurance, thank goodness, but this is a shocker nonetheless! 


Somehow this gives a whole new meaning to "healthcare crisis"!

When our 401K and IRA statements came in the mail last week, I barely peeked into the envelopes and then quickly looked away in disgust.  But we expected that shocker -- and we have plenty of company in that dismal situation.

Excuse me while I check my insurance policy's stop-loss.

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Anonymous said...

It takes guts to look at 401k or IRA statements these days, especially when you're retired or semi-retired like us. I peeked at ours with one eye closed, which was appropriate since it was HALF what it was a year ago! Boy, did we ever pick a good time to retire from our jobs. We may be freelancing for a long time!


AstroYoga said...

My friend's mom had an unexpected stay in a hospital in Germany while she was visiting. I think she stayed for a week, and they sent her the bill for her to submit to her insurance - it was somewhere on the order of 2,000 euros. They thought there was some kind of mistake, but there wasn't. The medical industry here is just not insane (at least, not in the same way it is in the US).

Health care prices in the US have gotten to be insane. Of course, the insurance will only pay about 25% of that, which inflates the prices to the ridiculous amount you see. Doctors and patients are all getting screwed int eh process. When my wrist was shattered, I got to see all of the bills, and I know that my insurance ended up paying 25% of what the hospital and doctors charged, and my lawyer reimbursed them from the settlement paying only 20% of the requested costs. I think the lawyers negotiating for the insurance companies have been the biggest reason for the outrageous prices. if doctors changed a reasonable price and insurance actually agreed to pay it, we (meaning the U.S.) would be in a much better place.

Unknown said...

I love the price on the 'Pharmacy' charge. You druggy you!

I saw a charge for $12 for two aspirin on a hospital bill once. Umm, hello? A entire bottle only costs about $7!

Hospitals - rip offs, umm hmm.

Maria said...

Wait until you get the separate bill from the anesthesiologist and doctor... *shaking my head*

BethanyWD said...

My back surgery and 7 day hospital day was over $200,000 15 years ago!!!

My c-section and 3 day hospital stay was $16,000 for me and $4,000 for my newborn!

The truth is - our insurance won't pay that price either - they have already negotiated a lower price (MUCH LOWER). Only if you don't have insurance would you be responsible for the cost that is billed.

Yup, something definitely needs to change.

Goofball said...


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