Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shasta's Thanksgiving Day Post

Woof! Shasta here.

Carol and Tom have been in the kitchen for about 24 hours straight, cooking stuff that smells delicious but that I can't have until later tonight, when it'll look grody but still taste delicious. I can hardly wait!

While the chefs prepare my evening meal, I thought I'd post a little ditty about what I'm thankful for. Of course I'm thankful for Tom, who speaks my language -- or thinks he does, because when he sees me, he always says "woof, Shasta!" And I have Carol trained to throw the ball for me the second she gets home, before she's even put her things down, so I'm thankful for her. Auntie Elisabeth always falls all over herself when she first sees me, getting me and everyone else so riled that it takes me hours to calm down -- and that's when she doesn't take me on a field trip. On field trip days, I can hardly calm down all day! And yeah, I love Peter because he plays mind games with me, thinking he has me trained. Actually I have him trained! And then there's my mommy, Kat. I love Kat so much that sometimes I can hardly contain myself -- literally! I love sitting on her lap and having her rub my belly. That, my friends, is sheer bliss. I can't even put words to how much I love Kat -- because I love her THAT much, but also because I'm not great with real words. Aleks is just plain chill, so yo -- love's the word there.

So yeah, this bitch loves her family.


But I've fallen in love recently with another family, too. May I introduce...

Jack and Nora, my other family:




...and Nora...


and me:


Jack, and Nora, and me!


Jack and Nora are Rebekah's pets kids. And Rebekah goes to the same office that Carol disappears to every day, so instead of spending days with me, like she used to, Carol now spends her days with Rebekah. I'm not even jealous, because sometimes -- like last weekend, when my family went away to Vancouver, I got to spend the whole time with Jack and Nora and Rebekah!

I got me some lovin'! See? Mutual lovin'! It must be the red hair, dont'cha think?


Jack and I did some major chillin'!


Chillin' and lovin', lovin and chillin'...


And Nora had this thing for my tail. Or is it that my tail had a thing for Nora? Heck, I dunno, I'm just a dog. But either way...



Peh! Puh! Oh, peh-puh-yech!


When my other family came to pick me up on Sunday evening, I acted kinda excited because I knew it would make them sad if I didn't -- but between you and me, I was bummed to leave Jack and Nora and Rebekah.


So if you really want to know who I'm thankful for (in addition to my main family, of course), I'd have to say it'd be my fellow ginger-head, Jack, and the sweetest baldy-head baby, Nora and their amazing, wonderful, smart, beautiful mommy, Rebekah, who project-managed my entire visit so admirably.

Thanks to my other family this Thanksgiving!


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1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh, what WONDERFUL pictures! I really think Golden retrievers are the best babysitters ever - they're so gentle with young children.

Hope you are all having a great holiday!

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