Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Comparative Productivity: Working @ Home vs Working @ Work


Working @Home

Working @ the Office

7-8 AM Sleep Get up/work
8-9 AM Work Shower, hair, make-up, etc.
9-10 AM Work Commute
10-11 AM Work/kitty wrapped around laptop, purring Visit w/ co-workers/work
11-12 AM Work Work
12-1 PM Work/heat leftovers Lunch (restaurant or at desk)
1-2 PM Work/pet dog with slippers Work
2-3 PM Work Work/watch cute videos of puppies w/ co-workers :-)
3-4 PM Work Work/walk to Starbucks with co-workers
4-5 PM Work Commute
5-6 PM Walk dog/shower (no hair, make-up fuss) Walk dog, etc.
6-7 PM Blog, etc. Blog, etc.
7-8 PM Dinner with hubby Dinner with hubby
8-9 PM Work w/ Mumbai* Work w/ Mumbai
9-10 PM Work w/ Mumbai Work w/ Mumbai
10-11 PM Work w/ Mumbai Work w/ Mumbai
11-12 PM Bedtime Bedtime

*Except tonight!  Tonight Tom and I are going to The Purple Cafe for dinner, where we'll use a gift certificate from my boss for "a job well done."  Rest assured, though, I will be home and online again by 10!

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