Friday, November 21, 2008

Seriously, Mr. Auto Execs! You Take Private Jets to Washington to Plea "Broke!"?

Now this really pisses me off! The $60,000 that it cost for the three big auto executives to fly to Washington (20K each) to beg the taxpayers for bail-out money could have saved the jobs of a couple of workers at their plants -- yet they don't seem to grasp the irony of their actions!

Yeah, I'd like to bailed out too. We've had a few unexpected car repair bills lately and the expenses of three kids suddenly in college have been treacherous on our finances, so our Visa bill is higher than it's ever been and that scares the bejeezers outta me (especially in this economy) so hey, can I be bailed out too?

Of course not. Only big banks and auto companies get to be bailed out -- by taxpayers like me, who will still have my own debt to deal with once we've bailed the high-wheelers out of their woes! Maybe the banks shouldn't have made such risky loans and maybe GM should have put some effort into making more energy-efficient cars -- and yeah, maybe we should have killed ourselves to put MORE money into our kids' college accounts every month for the past 20 years (oh, wait, that'd be practically gone now, too).

But really, if anyone needs to see some of that 700 gazillion billion dollars now, it's average taxpayers like us, who have been careful with money, who have saved when we could and who have paid our bills -- and yet, who are struggling now in spite of our efforts.

Something is very wrong when, as a taxpayer, I'm being called on to help bail out blind American banks and automakers with money I don't have because the American economy is in crisis largely due to the actions of blind and stupid industries -- and their blind and stupid, private jet-flying executives!

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vailian said...

Isn't it sickening? I have maintained from the start that the idea of putting the US even deeper into debt (that is us and our kids paying it off) to maintain the lifestyles of some well-connected people is apalling. The discrepancy in the US between the salaries of the upper echelon and the workers who do the actual manufacturing is mind-boggling.
Here in Germany the spread is nowhere near that... but it has been increasing.
It must be obvious that the auto industry is in dire need of a shakeup, and pouring money in now will only postpone the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I am so damn resentful right now about what's happening with our economy. Hubby and I have worked hard all of our adult lifes, never ran up any considerable debt, paid for the college educations of three of our kids, never received a dime from the government and now we are retired and watching our hard-earned dollars disappear more rapidly each day. Just last year I was telling my brother that, for the first time in my life, I didn't have any money worries. While we were not rich by any means, we had enough money to live comfortably with a little extra for vacations. Now more than half of our money is gone. F--k those executives with their golden parachutes, private jets, etc. Bitter? You bet I am.

Anonymous said...

Those executives are so out of touch! I do think though that it's a mistake not to try to help the auto companies especially after helping those fat cats on Wall Street. Auto workers MAKE things at least ... i just think they need to present a plan. It seems like Obama will help them, but only after the exec's talk about how they'll restructure. Oh -- and I'm sick and tired of hearing how the auto industry went downhill only because they paid their workers a good wage with benefits. That's such a sick argument IMO!

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