Saturday, November 08, 2008

Apologies to Hollister Stores

Not one to bitch and hide, I posted a link to my previous post to the Hollister website.  I received this e-mail within hours:

Hey Carol,

Thanks for emailing us at Hollister and taking the time to inform us about the incident in our store involving our mannequins. Here at Hollister, we would not handle our character idly. Every Hollister store has specific Visual Merchandise staged appropriately and Hollister would not condone mannequins to be displayed in this fashion. Unfortunately, our mannequins had been tampered with. We'll forward your comments, along with the link to your blog, to the relevant business teams for further investigation. We'll be in touch with our store staff regarding the guarding of our mannequins and property from further ill repute.

Thanks again for letting us know.


Customer Service


And this morning I received this photo of the mannequins dressed correctly (though obviously at a different store) from an "ejgcasey" (no idea who that is):


So y'all were right -- it looks like it was a prank!  I still have no idea how it was so meticulously carried out in a crowded mall on a Saturday afternoon, but I do now believe that it wasn't condoned by the store, and for my accusatory tone in my previous post, I do owe them an apology.

I still have an issue with charging $42 for a thin t-shirt with the name of our previous hometown (Oceanside, CA) plastered across the front of it, but that's for another post.  Or not.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how long you think it takes to drop-trou, but that prank was probably done within 10 seconds. No one pays attention in malls. People are all intent on themselves.

Nice of you to retract your accusations.

jennifer said...

The main thing this little storyline shows me is: wow, the power of the internet! Assuming you didn't email the store directly, this means someone discovered your blog entry... or perhaps the store itself is Googling for any online items involving their name.

Good for you to post the store's response as well as retract; good for the store to instruct their employees to watch for stuff. I wonder what they were doing in there while you were out front snapping photos of the sleazy mannequins! :-)

Anonymous said...

ejgcasey is me! Elissa, relatively new reader who lives in Lynnwood. :)

Goofball said...

well credit to that store for reacting so quickly and appropriately to your link!

Goofball said...

and to you for posting this apology as well!

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