Saturday, November 01, 2008

Psssst! Pass It On: When* Obama Wins, Set Off Fireworks (all over the world)!

(A quick post before I head out to help at the Bellevue, Washington Obama headquarters...)

I've been so occupied by this election, so consumed with hope (and yes - fear of election day tampering), that I've been literally dreaming about an Obama presidency, and one of the images that has been permeating my thoughts lately is that of fireworks emanating from our Big Blue Marble, our beloved Earth... celebratory fireworks that usher in Obama's spirit of hope and change, tolerance and bipartisanship, forward-thinking policies and intelligent leadership.

It's a dream and an image that almost brings tears to my eyes!

obamafireworksSo I started thinking, 'Hey, why NOT?' Can you imagine the view from space? Fireworks coming from every nation, from every culture, from every country around the world, ushering in real global change, real international unity?

So here's my idea: When* CNN announces Obama/Biden as the winner of the 2008 presidential election, no matter when that is, everyone set off fireworks! To my friends in India: set off fireworks! To my friends in Germany: set off fireworks! To my friends in Australia and Russia and Japan and Zimbabwe, set off fireworks! To everyone, everywhere who believes that an Obama presidency would be the beginning of a positive new era the world over, set off fireworks!

And to any astronaut, from any country, who happens to be circling our Big Blue Marble at the time, snap a photo and post it!

And hey, pssssst - PASS THIS ONE ON!

*I say "when" because I'm a believer in positive thinking and hope.

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1 comment:

Betsy said...

Right on, Carol! I am keeping my fingers crossed, and am actually nervous for tomorrow! Let's hope that our country finally comes to its senses and does this election right!!!!!

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