Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am so INCREDIBLY Proud of America! (And it feels SO GOOD to say that!)

This is what we did at 8:01 this evening:

We DID it! I can't stop smiling... and the tears of happiness and pride are so close! I am so happy for my kids and their entire generation, for what they helped accomplished. I'm so happy for anyone and everyone who ever felt that this day would never come, and who believed that race would inhibit them from achieving their dreams.

America, you ROCK tonight! World, aren't you proud of us?

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Marco said...

Hey Carol!

Here's wishing you, your family, and the people of America all the strength, resolve, and happiness at the onset of this new and wonderful era in US politics. Godspeed!

Goofball said...

ssssss booooooom
pang pang pang

those are my fireworks for you! I just got up to watch the news. Wow, this is such a relief. Yes the world is proud of the USA! We are happy and hopefull too.

Anonymous said...

Such relief! Such joy! And I would have been out there with the fireworks had I had any left over from the 4th of July! (Bummer) I did hear some in our neighborhood and I had to wonder if they read your blog. :o)

Jen said...

We DO rock. We do for the first time in a long, long time.

Yes we did!!!

J said...

Actually, it was 5:01 this morning...lol

I completely agree with you. Hopefully I won't have to apologize for the US gov's actions starting next year.

Anonymous said...

I had just gotten out of the shower last night when I heard the fireworks going off. I KNEW that he had just won and that it was YOU announcing it to the world in celebration!

Anonymous said...

Carol, Canada is in LOVE with your new president! Most of us watched CNN and cried for joy right along with you. (I wish he was our leader too!)

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