Monday, November 10, 2008

Learning Hindi When I Should Be Working

As you know, part of my job consists of connecting with my counterparts and co-workers in Mumbai, India on a nightly basis between Sunday evening and Thursday evening.  As much as I adore my friends there, it's not always easy diving right into work after a long, leisurely weekend.

So sometimes we have a slow start getting into the nitty-gritty of the work at-hand, and we warm up by chatting about other things -- family, holidays, cultural differences, whatever seems to be on our minds.

This evening, Ravi's IM suddenly had a whole new look to it, as he'd abandoned letters and presented me with some shapes and scribbles that made no sense to me.

First came one scribble, and then a few more followed.

"It looks like bugs building a home underground!" I declared.


But nope -- these were no bug trails.  Ravi was showing me how to write the names of all our family members in Hindi!

Isn't it pretty?  Hindi not only looks pretty on paper; it sounds pretty, too! 

One Sunday evening last month, Ravi presented me with this beautiful piece of art.  "Flip the paper over" in your mind. See?!  Is that sooo cool?


I'm trying to convince my boss that I need to go to India in January because another dear co-worker is getting married then, and I'd absolutely LOVE to attend her beautiful Indian wedding ceremony.  I'm not sure how far my current knowledge will get me, but just give me a few more Sunday evening Hindi lessons and I'll be ready to go!

Thanks Ravi!

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Goofball said...

that's so cool! India is a wonderful country to visit. I've only been there once in Goa and Mumbai and there is sooooooooooo much more to see and experience. I really must go back.

northerngurl said...

Hi! That is so awesome!

By the way, I was reading your blog and I'm going to try that Easy Overnight Coffee Cake recipe. It looks delicious!

Margaret said...

My older daughter took Hindi at UW briefly and enjoyed it. At the time she was working in an Indian restaurant--but everyone there spoke Punjabi. I love the look of the language, but it would take me forever to learn how to read it.

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