Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day-Dark and Night-Bright

This was the view out my sun (ha!) roof at high noon today:


It was dark, or close to it, ALL day today in Seattle.  And it drizzled.  Incessantly. I can handle rain and I can handle mist, but a constant cold drizzle is just downright depressing!

The bright point of the day was actually when it was completely dark outside (not that it was all that different than the noon sky):


Now isn't that a GAS?!

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jennifer said...

Wow, did the sun never come out for you guys? It brightened up (we even saw shadows, GASP) from about 2pm until sunset. Very cool.

And the awesomest thing about that gas price sign is that the prices up here (Bellingham) are LOWER, that's not happened in a while either (our cash-only ARCO is at $1.72 right now, and the credit-card-accepting minimart in Fairhaven is $1.89. wow.)

Anonymous said...

It's strange how gas prices have plummeted. I wouldn't have expected that. We all would be having a far tougher time if we were also contending with those godawful gas prices of last spring. In fact, the entire economy would be be even MORE dire. Everything relies so much upon it. Which makes me scratch my head over this whole economy thing. Why would credit — the over-use of it and now the lack of it — be the basis of this disaster? Obviously I'm no economist, but it just seems to me that the sky-high fuel prices of a few months ago would have had a lot more to do with this crisis than....credit? Obviously, the "master" of economics (i.e. Henry Paulson) doesn't have a clue, either, since he keeps changing his plan of action.

Anonymous said...

Stop moaning..........that is a price per US gallon, or for 4 litres. It is about the same price per litre in Singapore

Jen said...

I've got my SAD light on as I write this. I don't have SAD, but I find it really helps in winter. I hate, hate, hate the grey.

vailian said...

You taking pictures while driving again? Bad Girl!
This time of year I turn on my big halogen lights in the living room and pretend it is high summer.

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