Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Live from Mumbai

Marco says (11:23 AM):
Please pray for our city
Carol says (11:23 AM):
Oh Marco!  I AM!
Carol says (11:23 AM):
Are you OK?
Carol says (11:24 AM):
Is everyone accounted for?
Marco says (11:24 AM):
We're all ok
Carol says (11:24 AM):
It's still happening!
Marco says (11:24 AM):
all accounted for--M, S, D, R
Marco says (11:24 AM):
It's quite scary
Carol says (11:24 AM):
Coordinated... planned. 
Marco says (11:24 AM):
Carol says (11:24 AM):
Are you in the city now?
Marco says (11:25 AM):
Nope, I'm at home
Carol says (11:25 AM):
Stay home.
Carol says (11:26 AM):
Who (from work) lives downtown?
Marco says (11:26 AM):
We'll be monitoring the situation and will decide a course of action tomorrow
Carol says (11:26 AM):
I'd imagine it wouldn't be a good idea to head to the office...
Marco says (11:26 AM):
D and P, but the attacks have happened all across Mumbai.
Marco says (11:27 AM):
It started off downtown, but has spread to the suburbs as well.
Carol says (11:27 AM):
People are crazy.  99.999% of people are wonderful -- and the other few ruin it for everyone!
Carol says (11:27 AM):
Carol says (11:27 AM):
Spread to the suburbs?  The same terrorists?
Marco says (11:27 AM):
It's happened across 9 locations across the city!
Carol says (11:27 AM):
Stay home.  Please don't go anywhere!
Carol says (11:27 AM):
At the same time?
Marco says (11:28 AM):
At almost the same time. It is most definitely coordinated
Carol says (11:28 AM):
It's now on CNN.  At first, when we first heard of it, we couldn't find it on the news.
Marco says (11:28 AM):
Firing with AK-47 rifles and explosions
Carol says (11:28 AM):
Like, buildings exploding??
Marco says (11:28 AM):
Marco says (11:29 AM):
There have been two explosions in two iconic hotels in downtown Mumbai--the Trident and the Taj
Carol says (11:29 AM):
People with American and British passports at the Oberoi Hotel have been taken away.  So scary!
Marco says (11:29 AM):
And several cases of firings from drive bys--at innocent pedestrians
Carol says (11:29 AM):
Holy shit!  Who are these people?
Marco says (11:30 AM):
No idea. Two have been shot and two captured, so more will be know after they're interrogated
Carol says (11:31 AM):
We will have all of you in our thoughts all day.  None of us can work now.
Carol says (11:32 AM):
Glad Internet is keeping us in touch.  Power not affected?
Marco says (11:32 AM):
Power is fine, but phone lines are jammed
Carol says (11:32 AM):
I'll bet.
Carol says (11:32 AM):
Hey, can I blog this IM?
Marco says (11:32 AM):
Sure thing
Carol says (11:33 AM):
Please do keep in touch and let us know how things unfold.  And do try to get some sleep tonight, if possible.
Marco says (11:33 AM):
Will do
Carol says (11:34 AM):
Is your family OK?  Have you been in touch with all cousins, siblings, etc?
Marco says (11:34 AM):
Yes, everyone is Ok
Carol says (11:35 AM):
Breathe... the rest of the world is concerned for Mumbai and has all of you -- all millions of you -- in our thoughts!
Marco says (11:36 AM):
Thank you, we're praying hard at this time.
Carol says (11:36 AM):
Huge hugs!

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Goofball said...

I was just coming over to your blog to see if your colleagues work in Mumbai.
Jan's colleagues work in Mumbai. I'm shocked by the news. I blogged about it too.

Glad that your colleagues are allright.

Tonya said...

Relief they're OK! Hope they stay safe.

Renate said...

OMG, what the hell is going on in the world! It gets crazier every day. I hadn't heard about this--was baking all day and had not turned on the TV at all. It feels like the whole world is heading for a melt-down. So scary!

Berlinbound said...

As long as I live I'll never understand.

Blogging Mama said...

Quite scary times. I have blogger friends in Chennai, her dh works for the embassy. Thankfully thats 1000 miles away.
Happy to hear your office is doing ok. I don't know how people manage.

Margaret said...

That is/was a horrible situation! I'm glad that he is safe, but so many people were killed or injured. And the beautiful hotels look destroyed too--a tragedy all around.

Aristarkhos said...

hey. have you seen how young those terrorists are? a tourist described one of them...definitely not a stereotype anymore.
thank god my wife was not downtown shopping for her trip home. i live in south mumbai. its around half hour trip by cab to Colaba. thank god. we visit colaba whenever we can. its our haunt. Leopold's is where I meet my german friends for a beer. Thank god they are not here.
it is so unreal...the funny thing is...i heard the reaction some north-east kids had to this situation. they were unperturbed. they are used to gunshots and insurgencies back home. it's so sad.

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