Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Golden Retriever, a Ball, and Love


This is Shasta.  Doesn't she look adoring?  Can you see the love, affection and loyalty in her eyes?  Doesn't that look make you feel positively loved and protected?


I mean, really -- she's practically laughing, isn't she?  Do you not feel absolutely revered, just gazing into her loving eyes?

Then you are a sucka!  Because Shasta loves ONE THING more than anything else in life.  In fact, for Shasta, life is pretty much all about one thing...



Shasta loves her ball.  Shasta adores her ball.  Shasta lives for her ball.


Shasta will share her ball, but only for one reason -- to have it thrown...

IMG_9609 she can chase it...


...and bring it back... IMG_9628 you'll throw it again.  IMG_9596

And again.

So you THINK it's love.  It LOOKS like love.  It FEELS like love.  IMG_9619

And sure, she loves you.  Because Golden Retrievers' default setting is love.

But don't kid yourself -- it's really all about the ball!

Even the cats know that!IMG_9622

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1 comment:

Goofball said...

throwing the ball looks fun with Shasta !

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