Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is Even Slow by "Island Time"!

My most faithful readers might remember that all seven of us (six immediate family plus "Peter's Danelle") went to Maui way back in December , 2006. You might even remember the day Tom and I left the kids on their own to explore the island on cute little motorcycles while we went on an ocean sail skippered sigh -- er, I mean by -- this man:
Not that I noticed.

Aaaaanyway, on that day we had a very touristy photo taken of us as we boarded the sailboat. You know -- "here, hold this silly little touristy lifesaver and smiiile!" That photo's been sitting on my dresser for well over a year, waiting for the right frame. In my mind's eye, I saw a scrapbooky 3-D sort of frame (hey, I should have just made it!) with a nautical theme. You know -- ropes and shells and maybe a cute little white lifesaver. But heaven forbid, it would NOT be kitsch because, according to my mother, kitsch has no place in our lives.

But I could never find a frame even close to what I was imagining. The closest I came was -- well, BLUE.

Then yesterday at TJ Maxx I found something that works. It's not fabulous and my mother would probably say that it's most certainly kitsch. But what the hell; it works. And at this point, that's all I ask. (The tiki torch is a very poor attempt at infusing some Pacific Northwest-influenced --that is, soggy -- island flavor.)

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Maria said...

So... I open my "reader" and click on your blog. The first thought that came in to my head? "HOT DAMN! He looks TASTY!" Yea, I'm bad.

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