Sunday, April 13, 2008

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits Seattle


I now understand why people all over the world are drawn to and in awe of this wise, humble, compassionate and -- yes, holy man. If only we all would follow his teachings and his leadership, the world would definitely be a better place!

(I took this little video at the very end of the event.)

Unfortunately, because of a work-related crisis having absolutely nothing to do with world peace, teaching children to be compassionate, or seeking love and friendship instead of war and divisiveness, I don't have time to express my thoughts and feelings about the Dalai Lama's visit as I'd like to.

But I must say that I especially loved his suggestion that all world leaders, their spouses and their children vacation together for two weeks with absolutely no political agenda or meetings. Instead, he suggested, these people would simply have fun together as individuals and families, swimming, playing games and having casual, friendly conversations. Then, he insisted, when a political crisis hit and the world leaders are thrown together again in a political arena this time, they have the basis of friendship on which to focus their conversations. His Holiness asserts, and I absolutely agree, that if our political leaders knew each other as individuals and even friends, the world would be a much more peaceful place.

Love that!

I also love his assertion that women might be very effective world leaders because they seem to have an innately stronger, more developed sense of compassion and empathy and that men can't seem to get past the testosterone and aggressiveness to effectively bring about peace and to promote harmony. He didn't say those exact words, of course, but that's what I got from it. I think he has a real point!

(But I'm still voting for Obama over Clinton because, between the two, I think she displays more aggressiveness and blind ambition than he does... )

Ron was among the press forces covering the Dalai Lama's visit and it was great to see him in his Robert Kincaid vest, zipping around the stadium! I was hoping to post a few of his photos today, but he won't have them for me until tomorrow, so stand by...

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BethanyWD said...

It WAS awesome wasn't it? We got to see him with Dave Matthews on Friday. So cool

Rositta said...

Carol, I think no matter who your new President his, one of the "baddies" will do something bad in America to test the new President's nerve. If whoever is your President doesn't have nerve and agressiveness, God help us all. Truly hope it won't happen, just how I see it...ciao

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for a while — just had to comment how very cool that you had the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama and his message sure strikes a chord with me. I also had to laugh out loud because your first post about your photographer friend, Ron, made me instantly think of ol' Robert Kincaid!

Goofball said...

I can only imagine how inspiring this meeting has been and how powerful his words are.

unfortunately the world isn't currently run following his teachings and I fear it's a bit of a utopia that it will ever will.

Nevertheless it's important to live by such inspiring words, to learn them and internalise them and to hope for change and to work towards change.

I hope you've managed your little crisis there!

Jen said...

Oh, Carol, I'm so jealous! (In a good way). His Holiness's next stop is Ann Arbor, but we were unable to get tickets. I'm humbled that he will come here - he was last here in '94. He's truly an enlightened soul.

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