Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Snow Three Days in a Row!

OK, this is just bizarre! Anyone who doesn't believe that something really odd is going on with the planet's climate is just completely in denial. And "global warming" is a misleading misnomer. It was 80 degrees here a week ago and now this!

Yesterday we went to get pavers to build a few steps from the pathway to the patio in the front yard. Not only did we feel like we were in the mountains in the dead of winter while driving there, but we had to dust the snow off everything just to see what our rock choices were -- and when we headed to the nursery to pick up some Spring flowers... well, that just felt completely wrong!

Even the cats are confused.

In other non-news...

I have been working entirely too hard for the past seven weeks -- like constantly, every day -- and I can feel myself beginning to burn out. So today I'm not checking work mail (till tonight, of course) and I'm not gonna work on that project brief that's nagging at me. And I'm not even gonna work on the complicated work-back schedule for my latest project. Nope -- not gonna do it! (I don't think...)

Instead, I'm gonna manage a different project all together -- this one, finally:

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Goofball said...

oooh earrings? how fun!

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