Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Bloomin' (and) Snowin' in Seattle!

A week ago, it was warm and glorious in Seattle. In fact, when the Dalai Lama was here last Saturday it was sunny and in the mid-70's! People were in sandals, t-shirts and visors.

Ah, how things can change in a week! This was the view from our office window just an hour ago. There's nothing that evacuates a Seattle office on a Friday afternoon faster than a sudden snowfall!

(OK, that's not true; a warm and sunny day will empty offices twice as fast...)

By the time I got home (where the snow covered our newly planted spring flowers), it had stopped snowing, but more of the cold white stuff is due tonight and through the weekend!And now, lest you think I actually finished my work day at 4:00 (ha!)... it's back to work in my home office. This job is truly all-encompassing and never-ending. (Good thing I like it!)

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Jen said...

I am sooooo tired of the insane weather! Spring, already! Think Spring!

Anonymous said...

It was 82 deg. at our house last Saturday and now it is 33 deg. and snowing. I am so sick of this. I had to bring in some of my plants last night. Crazy!

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