Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Family is a Basket Case!

If there's one thing that drives me nuts, it's people who live out of laundry baskets because either they're too lazy to use dresser drawers or they have too much stuff to fit in their dresser drawers. I mean, really -- why have nice bedroom furniture if laundry baskets -- and the floor -- are the only place you keep your clothes? Sheesh! Drives me bonkers.

You know how sometimes the things that drive us crazy about other people are the things we kinda have to acknowledge about ourselves? Um... yeah.

I looked at our bedroom with fresh eyes lately and guess what I saw? You guessed it -- I saw this:
And this:

For shame! How dare I criticize others when I am guilty of exactly the same thing? Obviously something had to be done.

So we went to our favorite furniture store today and bought this*:

First Aleks and Tom had to test it for the "chill factor." It apparently passed.

Then I decided that this was an opportunity to give our room a thorough cleaning. It's about time!
Once I was finished cleaning (of course), Kat decided to crawl into our bed and watch some TV. I stood at the door and watched our new furniture.*We also bought this couch, though we won't see it until this summer when Peter and Danelle "steal" our current couches for their apartment at Washington State University. And we'll eventually also buy this chair, which we have wanted for a long, long time.

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1 comment:

anno said...

We tend to hang everything up on hooks (because, of course, we are too lazy to hang anything up on hangers). It's a good way to lose things -- you'd be amazed how many pieces of clothing will fit on a hook before anything starts to fall off.

I love your new chest, though, and the sofa & chair will be gorgeous additions to your living room.

Thanks for stopping by today -- it's good to be back here...

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