Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Craig! (No Foolin'!)

This my brother-in-law, Craig. Today he turns 50-something. (Again.)

Let's get to know Craig a little bit, shall we?

(In my best ex-cheerleader voice:)

Gimme a C! He's courageous, calm, considerate and CHARMING!

Gimme an R! He's resourceful, reserved, reflective and RELIABLE!

Gimme an A! He's athletic, affectionate, analytical and AVAILABLE!

Gimme an I! He's imaginative, inspiring, innovative and INTELLECTUAL!

Gimme a G! He's generous, good-natured, gentle and GOOD-LOOKING!

It's my duty as Craig's only sister-in-law to make him blush a little today (it worked, didn't it, Craig?), which I get great joy from because -- well, because Craig's just a tiny bit shy and to put him right here on stage, showing him off to the world for all his great qualities, gives me great sister-in-lawish joy!

Oh, and did I mention that he's "A- available"?! And boy-oh-boy, is he a "C- catch!"

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Goofball said...

Hurray hurray for Craig!

I'll give you 3 cheers!

Maria said...

Hoch soll er leben!
Hoch soll er leben!
Dreimal hoch!

Rositta said...

Looks and sounds like a sweetie, too bad I'm not single...Happy Birthday to him...ciao

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