Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Photo Op

I met Tom in 1976 when he was a senior at UCSB and I was a sophomore. He was an RA (Resident Assistant) in the dorm I lived in and I, along with a gazillion other girls, had a huge crush on him because he was cute and shy and sweet. But that's another post.

This post is about Ron, a guy who lived on Tom's hall and who Tom and I both befriended that year. Ron is a brilliant musician, a hilarious comedian, and an amazing photographer. Was then and is now. Throughout the past (gulp!) 32 years, we've all stayed in touch and even though Ron and his family live in Alaska, we manage to get together at least yearly.

In his role as an accomplished photographer (for National Geographic, among other clients), Ron has taken photos all around the world. This weekend he'll be in Seattle to photograph the Dalai Lama, and of course we'll spend the weekend together. In fact, he'll even be staying with us, which will be a hoot. (The kids' favorite memory of Ron is his hilarious rendition of Rindercella, the backwards fairly tale, which he used to recite until all four kids were on the floor, in stitches!)

I asked Ron to send me a photo of his family, since we haven't seen his kids in at least a year and I wanted to see how much they'd grown. Since he's a photographer, I was expecting something somewhat different. THIS is what he sent -- a photo of his family on Splash Mountain at Disneyland! I just think it's hilarious how the mouths get wider and the eyes get narrower as you move from the front of the log-car to the back. Mom is clearly not quite as enthralled as dad and sons! :-)

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J said...

omg! I used to recite Rindercella too!

Goofball said...

haha hilarious picture. very funny.

I makes me think of National Geographic right away! Yeaah

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

I love Rindercella! Very creative. :)

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