Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've seen this meme around the blogosphere lately and thought it looked interesting...

Ten seconds ago... I was petting Boo.
Ten minutes ago... I remembered that tomorrow is garbage day and attempted to rally the garbage-take-out troops.
Ten days ago... I interviewed someone with whom I now share an office.
Ten weeks ago... I had eye surgery!
Ten months ago... I was preparing for a trip to Germany.
Ten years ago... I was teaching childbirth classes a few times a week.


Ten years from now... I'll be the best Noni (grandma -- a mix of "Nana" and "Omi") around!
Ten months from now... I'll be getting used to empty-nesting it.
Ten weeks from now... I hope to be settled and confident in my job.
Ten days from now... is the day I predict that my co-worker will have her baby!
Ten minutes from now... I 'll be settling in for the night.
Ten seconds from now... I'll check e-mail (work and personal) one last time.

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Goofball said...


Jen said...

That is very cool! I loved this meme!

swenglishexpat said...

Interesting meme, Carol. I just might do this one.

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