Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seattle Windstorm, 2007

I can handle driving rain. I can handle white-out snow. I can even handle slick ice (if I'm home and not in the car).

But I hate, hate, hate windstorms in Seattle (like we're having now)! It's not the wind that I hate as much as the combination of wind and really tall, really big trees.

In December of 1995, right after we closed escrow on our house and moved in, and right after Tom got laid off -- suffice it to say that it wasn't a great time-- the Seattle area had a huge windstorm. (We called the storm Wind '95 because Microsoft had just released Windows '95.) That windstorm brought a HUGE tree down on our house from two properties over. The tree came down onto our room, then split and came down again INTO the boys' room (fortunately they weren't in it), then continued to crash down onto TWO cars, totalling one of them and destroying all the kids' Christmas presents that we'd hidden in the trunk of one of the cars. It took us a year and over $50,000 (thank goodness for insurance) to fix the damage.

Then there was the hot tub incident last December. And we got off lucky compared to other residents in our neighborhood that time!

So my disdain for windstorms in Seattle has a history.

I'm expecting the power to go out any second. See you on the other side.

Here are a few seconds of the fun we're having (and this isn't even one of the big gusts!):

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Anonymous said...

All we lost was the cable for a little while. The power is still on and, hopefully, will continue to stay on. It seems that it has calmed down somewhat right now. Hope everything is OK at your house.
Last year just before Christmas we were without power for four looong days. It got so cold, that my son sent his family to relatives in Colorado, where they promptly got snowed in. They also lost a huge tree at their house that destroyed a neighbor's garage two doors down. And during all of that we were trying to sell our house. No wonder we never did get any offers on it.

Anonymous said...

We only lost power for about 20 seconds- I feel so lucky! Last December it was 6 days, and the house was 43 degrees when the power finally came back on.

Hope you fared well this time. At least last December you were enjoying sunny Hawaii instead of shivering in the dark! :)


deeje said...

We haven't lost power, but we're dealing with the rain and wind here too... half a continent away!

Walking into a rainy 40 mph wind in the pitch-black early morning is NOT my favorite way to start the day. But at least it isn't sleet; this time of year in the upper midwest, you have to be thankful for that!

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope this is the worst one of the season. Well, a girl can dream!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, Carol! Now I'm not as jealous of your getting to live in Seattle... yikes!

We had a windstorm yesterday, too, but it was much, much milder.

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