Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm a Goner. I am SUCH a goner!

On Oprah's recommendation, I bought Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert today, and after reading just three paragraphs I must bid you, dear reader, adieu until I finish this book. (You so know that isn't true, don't you? When have I ever been quiet for more than a day?)

But the point is, I'll be distracted. I'll be devouring this book page by page, paragraph by paragraph, word for word, paying rapt attention to Liz's rapture with eating, praying and loving.

So instead of staying up all night reminiscing about life in Berkeley in the 60's like I did last night, I'll stay up all night tonight reading about a woman's life-altering experiences in Italy (where she eats and nurtures her physical self) and India (where she prays and nurtures her spiritual self) and Bali (where she quite unexpectedly falls in love).

Thing is, I have an interview tomorrow -- an important interview at a company that just might be the perfect fit. I'm hesitant to say much more, except that there's no specific opening. I just found this company, guessed at their contact information, and wrote a letter. The next day the CEO called me and we chatted for an hour, at which point he asked me to come in...

So really, I must get a good night's sleep. Must, must, must. Which I promise I will do. Right after I finish this chapter.

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christina said...

Crossing my fingers for you. :-)

And every time I turn around (on the internet, at least) someone mentions this book using words like "life-changing" and "inspirational" so I guess it's going to be next on my list.

Anonymous said...

I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon and read the book.

Break a leg!

Jen said...

Also keeping fingers crossed. And I'm reading this, too, right now. It's such a lovely book! Anno was the one who talked me into it, but it turns out my mom was reading it, and my SIL and her best friend, and a variety of my other friends, etc., etc.

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