Monday, October 01, 2007

Mr. Incredible

Jen mentioned Sparky's Mr. Incredible pose at the blogger meet-up and I just had to post the photo I was able to capture during his hilarious nano-second performance.

And lest you think this guy is all brawn, just engage him in a conversation about genetic psychology and human behavior as seen from a marketing professional's perspective. (But don't hand him a Scientific American or you'll lose him for hours.) The dude is brilliant!

But the best thing about him? His obvious love for and adoration of his lovely wife, Jen. It's all just so disgustingly adorable. :-)

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jen said...

fantastic picture, carol. and lovely post. you guys don't get to see the rip roaring fights we get in to. its all about balance.

Seriously, next to his toilet he has Scientific American and Muscular Development. talk about balance.

vailian said...

When I met Tina and The Guy, congratulating them on their engagement, he said, "Yes, we have been together for a while now, and we never fight!" and she said, "Rubbish, we fight all the time!" "No we don't!" "Yes we DO!".. etc. etc.

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