Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Real Shot (or Four) in the Arm(s)

Kat, who is planning a career as a Physician's Assistant (PA), is enrolled in a health occupations program at school this year. This is a hands-on program that includes an internship that will bring students into local hospitals and trauma centers during the second semester.

In preparation for that part of the program, Kat has been required to get a whole bunch of immunizations. Today she got FOUR shots and she's scheduled for quite a few more. (The wonderful nurse didn't want to be in the photo -- evidence of pain-infliction, perhaps?!)

Poor girl!

She did great and was glad that none of the shots today hurt as much as the Gardasil series she's in the midst of getting (ouch!). But the silly girl apparently chose not to eat lunch today, and shortly after the second picture was taken she said, "Um... I'm getting a little light-headed."

She laid right back and fortunately didn't pass out completely. (I should have known by the glazed look...)

In addition to pretty Band-Aids (which are always a plus) Kat even got lunch out of the traumatic experience, since as soon as the nurse found out she hadn't eaten, she disappeared and quickly returned with two bagels, some apple juice and a bottle of water.

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1 comment:

Maria said...

Ew. I hate needles. When they were taking my blood to test for mono on Sunday, the lady asked me (before she even had the needle near me) if I was going to pass out. LOL! I have never, but still... ew, needles!

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