Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Need Blogger/Blogging Advice!

Hello faithful fellow bloggers! I have a techie question for you (because you know how much I love all things techie...):

How do you -- or DO you even -- save your blog posts to your local machine? I now have 548 posts, written over a span of about 15 months. That's an average of one post a day and, although I am well aware that many of my posts are inane yawners, some are actually worth holding onto, if for nothing else, then for my kids to appreciate (ha!) someday.

I figure that my blog is in some (very small) way a little like my grandmother's diary from Germany , written during the first four decades of the last century, which my aunt has been faithfully translating for the past few years. It might be what's left of me someday.

So how do I save the whole dang thing to my hard drive? Do I have to cut and paste each one of the 548 posts onto a Word doc? (I'd like to include the whole thing, photos and all.) I know I can also do a "save page as," but that also has to be done per individual post. As far as I can tell from the little research I've done so far, those are my only options. Or are they? Anyone know?

Thanks in advance!

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Jen said...

Carol, I have absolutely no idea, but I bet Jenn in Holland would know. You know her site, don't you? If she doesn't know, I have another non-blogger friend who might know, and I can contact her. I only hesitate because she hasn't actually blogged on blogger, only on diaryland and wordpress.

And I'm so excited you'll join our little bit of writing fun. I was hoping you'd play!

Carol said...

OK, crisis averted! And it was soooo much easier than I'd have ever thought...

I just pulled up an entire month of posts at a time and cut and pasted the whole thing, photos and all, into a Word (2003) doc!

I saved one month per file, put the files into folders labeled with the year... and now I have 15 files, two folders, and 25 MB full of blog entries!

Someday, just to terrorize my kids, I think I'll print it out.

Thanks for your feedback, though.


J said...

Only 15 months? Newbie :)

Carol, I remember the days of Blogger.com when would suddenly develop an error while trying to publish a post (a few years ago) and lost the entire post, so I started writing them in Word and then C&Ping them into Text Editor (to remove the Word formatting) and then C&Ping them into Blogger - and have been doing it that way for years now. I know this isn't helpful, but I thought everyone did it that way (I save the Word files).

Glad you've found a way that works for you.

Goofball said...

I just googled a bit, since I was asking myself the same questions after yesterday my laptop crashed without having a backup...argh.

this seems like an interesting post: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2007/02/how-to-backup-blogger-blog.html

Here's blogger instructions, but they seem more difficult:

Home's Jewels said...

Carol - you'd probably be interested in putting your posts in a blog book. I've considered doing this as well. Just search "blog book" and you can find such a thing. It's such a cool idea.

Betsy said...

Saving them to a hard drive is one way, but you can also save them on the Internet which allows you access to the pages any time you want, even if the site were to get lost or you decide to take it down.

Just go to www.furl.net

You'll need to create an account, but it's totally free and I've never had any problems with spam or unwanted advertising.

After that you can drag a button to your toolbar which allows you to make a copy of any web page you want and save it indefinitely. You can always pull up your copy of the original page (even if it's been changed in the meantime) and you can even email it out to people!

Every month (when I remember!) I just furl my blog archive and VOILA-- a permanent record which can be accessed from anywhere!

Happy Furling! :-)

Carol said...

Thanks Betsy! I'll look into becoming a furl-meister!


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