Sunday, October 07, 2007

Homecoming Dance

It's Homecoming weekend in small (actually more like medium)-town America, and that means parents and their spiffed-up kids gathering for the traditional picture-taking event before sending the kids off into the night.

Aleks decided not to go to the Homecoming dance this year (too expensive!), but Kat was asked by her good buddy Matt (who asked her by way of painting a t-shirt with "homecoming?" and, with Aleks' help, sneaking said t-shirt on Shasta... cute, eh?).

My favorite part of the parents' picture-taking event was watching parents taking pictures of their kids. For some parents, this was their first "formal dance picture taking event," while some of us were seasoned (even sentimental, last-time) participants.

I'll be fine with the whole empty-nest thing next year, don't'cha think?! (Pfffffft!)

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