Sunday, October 14, 2007


Why I love my husband:

Because when I'm weeding with my iPod blasting in my ears and I see a shadow and look up and see him standing over me and I remove my earphones and he says, "Did you hear anything that I just said?" and I say "No"..... he says, "I was just talking all about our relationship and my deepest, innermost emotions and all the things I want for our future and how much I adore you... but alas, you missed it," and then he walks away.

(He most assuredly was NOT talking about any such thing. He was probably talking about the square footage coverage of the Weed n Feed he was spreading, or sumpin' like that... but that's so not the point.)

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Goofball said...

haha, he's funny though :)

Laura said...

PRICELESS!! That is exactly what my husband would say.

A little Schmaltz makes the world go round.


Anonymous said...

LOL What a brat!

Guilty Secret said...

I loved this. Your husband is very clever and funny, eh? That kind of response is as good as if he really had been getting all mushy!

Jen said...

My DH would pull something like that, too. Gotta love a man with a sense of humor!

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