Thursday, October 18, 2007

But Enough About Me. Let's Talk About YOU!

I always hesitate to do this because it feels so... well, so self-centered and so stat-focused (which I truly try NOT to be!), but Richard's right -- sometimes we just want to know who's visiting our little corner of the blogosphere, and why.

Who are you? How did you find me? What were you looking for? Did you find it? Why do you come back (or is this your first visit)?

I had a reader yesterday from Tasmania! No kidding... the little devil! I'm wondering what brought that person here. Did s/he stay and read? Some of the searches that bring people to my blog are hilarious. "How do ladybugs drink?" "Should teens drink?" (No, only ladybugs.) "Does it rain in Seattle?" "Should I move to Seattle?" (Not if you had to ask if it rains.)

I have some faithful readers from places I don't know (Manila, Russia, Glasgow), as well as faithful readers from places I do know (the East Bay, bunches in Seattle and Germany, even West Hollywood).

Do I know you (IRL or online)? May I?

So come on out of lurk-land, just for today, and say hello! (Even anonymously, if you prefer.) Just say HI and tell me something about yourself and what brought you here.

See that link that says "comments" right down there? Click it. Type. Send. Thanks.

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deeje said...

Hi! I found you via "Juanita" and keep coming back because you write so eloquently and on so many thought-provoking topics.

(Unlike some of us -- and by some, I mean me -- who seem to get online lately only to kvetch about the weather and other various peeves)

Even the lighter ones, such as the Peter Jaffe story, really resonate with me and are a joy to read. Are you published?

Goofball said...

Hi Carol,

I am not a lurker, I think you start to know me a little bit by now...if not, hop on over to my blog :).

I don't remember how I found you, I think through your comments on Betsy's blog and I came back because you reminded me of my trip to Seattle and BC and you talk about exchange students and then I kept coming back :-)

bye bye, see you the next time.

Maria said...

I'm here... usually daily. Sometimes more than that thanks to Google reader.

You don't know me in real life, but maybe one day you will! :)

Something about me... hmm... Frozen mini-twix is my all-time favorite candy bar, which is why I try not to buy them.

Anonymous said...

"Guten Abend", I first was attracted by your name...I am partial to ladybugs...loved your stories about your mom and the german have a wonderful family and I admire your style of writing/blogging...
mach weiterso...
LG, eine Nachbarin, Helga

Anonymous said...

I'm not certain of how I found you... but enjoyed reading about your trip to Germany. And because you are a Seattleite. I am from Washington State, (Centralia) but now live in Maryland (5+ years). I have been very homesick lately and seeing your pictures makes me feel closer to home. I don't really do alot of blogging so I guess that makes me a lurker!

The Giant said...

What a great blog entry idea!
So how I found you is sort of a long story. My husband and I were seriously considering moving abroad to Germany for awhile. I went on the web to see what exapt life was like. In the process I found HeisseSchiesse and got hooked on reading Jen's rants and observations. Through her site I found you and something similar happened.
You're prolific and your observations are enjoyable to read. I look forward to visiting (and was shocked and excited when you came ot visit me!).
My family is also German, though much removed from the source. My maiden name was Koch but the family geneology goes back to the 1700s.
Know that you lighten my days,

Snooker said...

Hallo, Ich bin ein Berliner! Germany that is. Actually I have no idea how I found you. It is possible you were linked from HeisseSchiesse and I got to you through her.

Since that time you've been in my BlogLine. That first day I read three of your entries and enjoyed your humor and thought process. I knew immediately I would want to read every new post.

I enjoyed your excitement as you prepared to come to Germany, and then as you were here it was nice to have the trip outlined for us.
Although I must say that it was the description of Heidelberg and the way the organ music in the church touched your heart which clinched the deal for me...

Something about myself. I've lived in Berlin going on three years and have regrettably only been in Bavaria twice... But I'm going to remedy that soon.

Something else, I've lived in your area of the country, at least for a short time. Renton was home for about six months. In September I picked my apartment based on the fact that the bedroom window had a perfect view of Mt. Ranier. I saw the mountain that first day, and thanks to the dreary Seattle winter, NEVER saw it again!

All the best to you, thanks for brightening my days.

Anonymous said...

I found you because you found me--so in reality, i have no clue.

After you found me and left a comment, I looked at your blog and immediately subscribed to your feed and have been reading eversince.

Carol said...

Thanks for leaving a comment -- from old (long-time!) and new (recent!) visitors alike. Nice to see you again... and "meet" you!

Carol said...

Already knew you and enjoyed the writing.....nice to keep in touch.

Currently have some friends in Seattle too......Aussie / US dual citizen people working ......with Boeing on military stuff for Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I followed a comment you made on someone else's blog to get here.. I found that you and I are about the same age and have similar backgrounds regarding work and our moms. I've been visiting daily for quite a while now and I come back for your joi de vivre (I wonder what the german phrase is for that?) and to see what's up with your job hunt and life in general.

Big Sis said...

I just found you b/c you left a comment on my blog (yeah, thanks!). And I plan to pop by again, b/c I appreciate your interests, and look forward to hearing about you. :)

Jen said...

I found you either through Jenn in Holland or Goofball or maybe Anno. I kept seeing you post on blogs I liked and thought, "Well, I probably have something in common with this person." Then when I saw you were a writer and live in one of my favorite places and had a German connection and write BEAUTIFULLY, I was hooked!

Carol said...


Thanks Jen -- and everyone. I'm just glad someone occasionally comes to visit.

I insist that I write only for myself, but ya know, if that we're true I'd just fill up a Word doc. Truth be told, I LIVE for nice (oh hell... pretty much any!) comments.


Rich said...

Hi Carol! Its me Rich (The drunk guy from the mini meet-up in Frankfurt.)I come to you blog quite often. Too often. Sometimes several times a day.I love your interesting topics and you write so darn much I gotta come back every day to see whats new.Keep up the great blogging Carol. I wish you and Elisabeth all the best. I hope to meet-up with you again sometime.

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