Sunday, November 07, 2010

Damn, what a fam!

Just a fun impromptu day at the mall!

At the hat store…









and yours truly (obviously mid-hot-flash)


But where’s PETER?  Unfortunately, he’s back at school at WSU.  We really missed him today!

Guess what occasion is coming up this week?  No really, just guess!

IMG_7796 A

Yup!  She – and this macho guy…


…are turning 21 on Tuesday!

And THEN there’s THIS “child” of ours… our shy (pffffffft!) child, Elisabeth, who apparently felt the need to show us her purchase…


…to the dismay of her father!


Yeah, we have a good time together, this family of full-fledged, of-age adults (as of this coming Tuesday, anyway).

Even Aleks and Elisabeth are buds these days.  Finally.


It’s not often that Tom sports a full-fledged SMILE for the camera, but today was the kind of day he really enjoys – an impromptu day with the family, just simply having fun.


All that was missing was this guy:


But he’ll be home later this week, to pick up Shasta and bring her back to Eastern Washington while Tom and I are in Hawaii.  Yes, we’re leaving in just five short days.  And yes, I’ll chronicle the trip with photos each day, I promise!

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Tonya said...

Great post! (Love Elisabeth's purchase. Oh, those were the days...) Can't BELIEVE the twins will be 21. They were still in high school when I "met" you! My BFF and her husband have been in Hawaii all this week and I think well into next week. Green with envy! Someday!

Margaret said...

My baby will be 21 in February and she has plans to visit her sister in NYC and party it up. I don't think I'm invited to that. :) Happy Early birthday to the twins. I'm pretty jealous of the Hawaii trip. Love that place!

Lynn said...

Great post and great pics, Carol! What a fun day! I love impromptu days like that with our grown kids & their spouses. They're the best! Glad to hear Shasta will be having a vaca too! Who's taking care of the kitties? And, how's Boo's injury healing? Have an awesome time in Hawaii!


Goofball said...

have fun in Hawaii (as if I need to tell you ;) )

I had mistaken Aleks for Peter in the pictures.

Kim said...

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Definitely a blessed and fun fam! Happy travels.

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