Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pre-21-run fun with the fam

Let’s face it: Aleks and Kat are seasoned drinkers.  They go to college and they live in the Greek system.

Like, DUH.

Isn’t it odd that it seems that they’re finally – on their 21st birthday – getting just a tad bit bored by it all?  And they’re typical.

No long soapbox speeches here, but I am a strong advocate of lowering the drinking age to 19.  If kids are going to drink, chances are they’ve experimented LONG before they’re 21, and if they’re not gonna drink, both 19 and 21 are pretty meaningless.  Right?

So before Elisabeth (and Peter, who surprised them with a trip over the mountains, but unfortunately was still driving when these photos were taken!) took them out for the first of a few “21-runs” this week, we got together as a family for a family night at Palamino’s.

At 6:15, exactly 21 years after Kat was born, this happened:

Kat–21 years (to the minute) later!

And at 6:18, exactly 21 years after Aleks was born, this happened:

Aleks –21 years (to the minute) later!

(Many thanks to Palomino’s, and to Elisabeth, for helping me pull this off!)



Elisabeth kept asking if we could “give them their presents now.”  I had no idea why, but she’s always enthused about – well, everything -- so I figured she was, for some reason, excited to give them the Shuffles we’d bought them a few days earlier.


Nice, sure.  But not all that exciting!

Then Elisabeth gave Aleks and Kat their “cards.”  They were both pretty choked up by what Elisabeth gave them!


She gave Aleks a shopping and lunch excursion with her.  If you knew their history, you’d know why Aleks is a bit speechless.  This is a good thing.


And Kat?  Well, I didn’t catch Kat’s full reaction, but suffice it to say that she is thrilled and a bit in shock that she’ll be accompanying Elisabeth and Ian (Elisabeth’s roommate at Cal and a dear friend of Kat’s) to Hawaii next month!  This is also a good thing!

Thanks Elisabeth!  You made their night!  (And I haven’t even heard yet about the night after our family dinner/drinks!)


Yup… damn – what a fam!




So happy birthday to our youngest adults, our perfect angels!

Happy 21!

OK, maybe not (eh-hem) perfect angels… but damn great human beings!

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Kathrin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathrin said...

Happy belated Birthday to Kat and Alex!

To you and Tom, congratulations to have raised such great kids.... four of them. What an accomplishment!! Your children like obviously still to be around their parents and each other. That in itself is not a thing to be taken for granted.

I am blown away by the fact that Elizabeth is in College and is able to make such great presents to her siblings! Wow!! I am at awe!

Have a great time in Hawaii... HANG LOOSE :))

Kat, FL
PS: Pictures from the trip, please!!

Carol said...

Hi Kathrin. We are definitely blessed to have four great kids who genuinely like each other and us. We are very fortunate!

As far as Elisabeth's gift to Aleks and Kat, Ian and Elisabeth split the ticket to Hawaii.

Kimberly said...

So freakin fun! You guys remind me sooo much of my fam its ridiculous.

Kathrin said...

Carol, just to clarify... I truly meant that part of my comment as a compliment to Elisabeth. Sorry for misspelling her name before.

Goofball said...

fun fun fun!

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