Monday, November 22, 2010

Oahu, day #3, a pictorial re-cap, back to (snowy) Seattle… and videos, as promised!

So, just before leaving our hotel room yesterday, I shot this photo:


It’s not easy to leave that! 

Or this:

DSC_0301DSC_0043 (2)DSC_0063 (2)DSC_0087 (2)IMG_8469DSC_1208DSC_1344DSC_1108IMG_8117IMG_8204IMG_8022DSC_0775DSC_0507DSC_0539

But leave it, we must!  Sigh.  We headed to the open-air airport of Honolulu…

DSC_0197 (2)DSC_0199DSC_0201 (2)

…and took off right on time.  The delay was, unfortunately, in cold, windy Portland. 

So, as promised, here are a few videos from the trip that I only had a chance to upload this morning:


A sea turtle near the shore of Oahu’s Turtle Beach. (Disregard the nausea-inducing camera antics!)
The gong at Oahu’s Valley of the Temples (as rung by Jane and Tom)
Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

And, of course, sadly – this:

Back to Seattle… snowy Seattle!

Thanks for accompanying us – virtually, anyway – on our trip!  It was great to have you along!

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c said...

Thanks Carol. I loved coming along on your trip! And the snow IS pretty...

Michelle said...

Glad to have my Fake vacation through you. The pictures and everything was so beautiful. Great Job. Sorry you had to come back to the ugly stuff but, sometime pretty. Thanks again.

vailian said...

Very nice. Did you end up using one camera more than the other?

Carol said...

I used the Nikon D-40 for pretty much everything except close-ups and videos. ALL shots from the boat were taken with my little Canon SD 100 IS (because it was a ROUGH day on the high seas, but I definitely fell in love with Kat's Nikon...and am thinking of giving her spending money for her upcoming trip to Hawaii in exchange for her camera -- and then loaning it to her for her trip! ;-)

Wish we'd had the chance to meet with your sister on Kauai! I remembered in the first half of the week and meant to call her, and then we were away from Kapa'a on the other days.


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