Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kauai: Morning #1

We have arrived! This is what we awoke to this morning:


From here:


This beach is directly in front of our cottage!



Heading back to the cottage to make breakfast. 



Internet in the cottage is extremely slow (I took a 2-minute video that will take 2 hours to load), so we might have to make daily trips to Starbucks…

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Margaret said...

Beautiful views!! I'm jealous. I haven't been there for too long. Enjoy yourselves!!

c said...

Have fun! How wonderful that you can see the ocean from your bed! When you get back please tell us about where that cottage is. It looks like the perfect rental.

Lynn said...


The Borrowed Nest said...

Yes - we typically do Mexico every year - but now that we moved to Seattle from Denver -thinking Hawaii may be less expensive (flight wise) would love to hear about the trip, rental, etc. when you return. Enjoy that sunshine :)

jennifer said...

If you're near (or going through) Kapa'a, be sure to stop at the Small Town Coffee House, on the main drag near the north end of town. Free (fast) internet there, and REALLY GOOD coffee, much better than SBUX.

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